Kejimkujik National Park any time of year is beautiful but in autumn it’s magical.  Even after hurricane Fiona blew through here a couple of weeks ago there was still lots of fall colour.  Because it’s relatively close, an hour and a half drive time, we’ve decided to make it an annual. It’s the perfect way to end the season (last year’s trip KEJI)

Fall Colours

Our camping site was typically large and relatively private with a view of Lake Keji.


Our four-day stay offered enough time to hike…

Cat Walk

…to beach, because the days were so darned warm and beautiful and calm, it felt good just to sit quietly by the lake and breathe.

Slapfoot Beach

…and to bike, partly to get out for a bit of exercise and partly to scout out another good spot for next year’s trip.

Cycle Hiking

Several campers come here each year at the very end of the season to celebrate Hallowe’en and apparently they even decorate their camp sites, dress up and go out trick or treating.

Pumpkin Time

We even took the time to enjoy a little evening entertainment, along with some do nothing time, because after a busy summer, we really needed to stop, rest and reflect.

Ma Tante Aline

Since this was our final outing with RED II for the season, we sat by the camp fire in the evenings discussing next year.  If plans work out it will be a more ambitious year, venturing farther afield.  You know by now from our past antics we do need a little adventure from time to time.

Thanks for stopping by. Take care till next time. Peace and love to you all, from the crew of RED II…