You know how most people complain about the weather.

I suppose it coud be that it really is a crappy day

or maybe it’s just to have something to grump about.

We likely were those people too

but I can no longer remember.

We certainly notice weather,

more accurately are mildly obsessed with the weather,

no doubt more than land people,

but that’s what boaters do.

So it was today,
a mild breeze,
temperature in the mid-teens,
and a constant drizzle…
It was a wonderful day!
…not too many boats left in the water
and very few masts still up at our club.
Time to un-step…
…mast stepping system safely installed.


…this time it’s my place at the crank.


I’ve heard Francois tell people it takes just 2 or 3 minutes to step or un-step our mast
but in truth once the mechanism is installed
it takes about 15-20 minutes of safe unrushed manoeuvres.


…it’s the removing of all the little bits and pieces that takes the time.
I used to think this was such a waste of time,
like washing the trailer (why bother?)
I no longer question the ‘why’…
…this sheared bolt is a good reason
to check every little nook and cranny of our Lady.


…she doesn’t look as pretty naked as some fine ladies
but she is almost ready to leave her place on the water
for the winter months.


…back to our land home
we dove into our special treat
(a gift from another fine lady – Merci B!!!)

…while enjoying this view from our balcony…

…Lakes and oceans don’t have a monopoly on beautiful sunsets.