This is a day about what we did,

rather than where we went.

We have now headed back up the Hudson River

eventually to reach the Erie Canal.

It was a very hot and steamy day,

blistering sun,

no wind,

humidity very high.

The canopy between the dodger

and biminy was installed to cut down on the intense heat.

We passed another of those super yachts…
…and you would think that after 4 or 5 times of open fore-hatch swamping
and wet bed linens we would have learned…
…for the first time we decided to anchor mid-day
using the boom as our drying rack for the duvet…
…and the cabin for the sheets.
…the best part,
we dipped in the river.
It was pure heaven,
water 72 °,
like a day at the spa.
We continued on once the current direction had changed.
Francois cooked dinner on the barbecue while underway, another first
(the underway part, not the cooking part)
while I took the helm.
By the time we had reached our anchorage for the night,
dishes were done (a treat from the Captain)
another dip in the river taken to cool off
and a beautiful sunset to bid us good night.
The simple pleasures sailing.
It seems I have reached my Blog Spot photo limit
so until I can sort out what to do
you can if you wish visit our R.E.D. sails FaceBook page here
I will post a few of our pictures there for now.
Not a very happy Kat today