“That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

~William Shakespeare, Romeo & Juliet~

Criteria for the boat name:

1. Something simple

2. Had to have personal meaning but with a sense of humour

3. French or if possible, bilingual.

Didn’t take too long before we arrived at the perfect solution…


…from the movie of the same name…

Fits all criteria:

1. What’s more simple than an acronym

2. We are retired..one of us only partly but that will come eventually I’ve been promised. For those of you who know our affinity for anything Bond – it has a flavour of Double-O but with ‘tongue in cheek’.

3. In French (Retraités Extrêmement Dangereux) or in English (Retired Extremely Dangerous)…it’s perfect!

We have enlisted the help of our very talented friend & graphic artist to assist us in designing an appropriate logo but there will be more of that to come in a later post.

….”some have adjusted to retirement”…

….”some have not”….

….”still got it”….


To follow…

Equipping MY Galley…..