A spectacular day!
barely a cloud in the sky,
not too hot, not too cold,
good day for sailors….
…and non-sailors alike
…little guy at the bow was really intrigued by the water lilies
A great day for a party
Club Nautique Deux Montagnes…
(Sailing Club Lake of Two Mountains)
a good old fashioned corn boil…


lots of music:
a little Beach Boys, a little Jimmy Buffet,
a little Dire Straits, a little ACDC,
a little rock, a little funk
a little reggae, a little salsa,
a little Ragtime, a little Boogie
quite a mix!
quite a sound system!
good food:
fresh Québec corn-on-the-cob
hamburgers, hot dogs
fun for all ages:
bouncy castle
face-painting for the little people,
…a rockin’ good time!
Without my Captain by my side, I returned to R.E.D. early
to quietly enjoy a glass of Chianti
with a little bit of cheese
to go with a little bit of bread
to go with a little bit more wine
and a little bit more cheese
and a little more bread…