We left our anchorage this morning

at a reasonable hour…

…crack of 09:30…

The skies looked a bit threatening
but the weather report for our location was favourable.


Rain and frisky winds were forecast
but we received no more than 10 minutes of rain.


The wind however was perfect…
at our backs.
By mid-afternoon we had reached Valleyfield
and decided to treat ourselves
to a stay at the Valleyfield Marina
as with our boat club it has the designation
of an Eco-Marina.
We love being independent and at anchor
but to have a secure dock space,
a place to deposit garbage,
real showers and washrooms
and above all
We can plug stuff in with abandon.
And my goodness they even have magnetic swipe cards
for each Quai…so very five star!
The first thing we did (after plugging stuff in of course)
was walk to get a few more supplies
to get us through until we reach our home base.
François even took me past where he attended CÉGEP
(high school/college level in Québec).


Back at the boat we dined on boat risotto…
(luckily there were some leftovers for
Arancini with Marinara Sauce for tomorrow)
…and with our supply of red wine replenished,
we enjoyed a little bit of cheese…
to go with a little more bread…
to go with a little more wine…

…while the sun set on another day…

as we drank a little more wine to go with that last bit of cheese,

and a little slice of bread…

and a morsel of dark chocolate.