I think it was an image similar to this that fuelled François’ dream. He could take his dream anywhere.
We owned a great vehicle barely a year old that could pull the boat out of the water but there would be challenges over long distances. 2000 plus lbs of boat (dry) & 500 plus lbs of trailer.
Options…if we didn’t trailer often, we could rent. We could sit on the idea for a year until we knew. Our current car was accumulating a lot of travel time (over 43K in one year ). If we were to trade up, now would be the time to get the best trade-in value.
Shopping time…..
Outcome predictable…
One beautiful 2013 Touareg..TDI ….white…for a white 2013 boat….ready at the port of Montreal….could be ours in a matter of days. When big decisions have to be made, one closes one’s eyes and takes one’s pen to sign on the dotted line.
It’s an absolute Beast! No regrets.
….up next…
…what’s in a name..