Today we sailed,

faster and farther than expected…

…we locked through

Iroquois (Canadian),

Eisenhower (US),

Snell (US)

Our first rafting up experience in a lock,

but in spite of the winds,

we managed.

We were the last of 3 boats to arrive.

The other poor boaters had been waiting 1.5 hours

in all the heat.

We found a quiet little bay

to anchor for the night,

on the Canadian side this time

just past Cornwall

at the beginning of Lake Saint-Francois…

It was a wonderful day,

perfect weather and wind at our back all the way.

…and this is all I have to offer for the day.
The last of the pizza,
some Camembert,
smoked mussels
and crackers.
Add to that some wine
and dark chocolate
and we had one of our best cockpit suppers ever!