Wildling moments, AKA (also called) time with the grandkids.  I decided to make this a blog story instead posting a bunch of pictures on social media.  It was a bit of a milestone…an event worthy of more than just a few pictures.  Two of our little wildlings will be spending their first ever over-night away from their Mom and Dad.  Truly a treat for us…for the kids… and for sure for their parents.

It involved pick-up at day-care. I won’t get into the details but grandparents aren’t pre-wired to install new fangled car seats with all of the ‘rules’.  It took Francois the better part of a half hour to make them secure.  Driving back to R.E.D. by the Sea was fun.  We took the shore road instead of the highway, a beautiful ride with so many “I spy” options.

Dinner was an event (everything is an event with these two) finishing with the bribe (if you eat all of your dinner there will be ice-cream”). Good to know that what worked for my kids still applies today.  

The in-depth discussion followed: “so Gramma, exactly what’s wrong with eating an icecream cone with a big wooden spoon”?

And the discussion went on…

…and on…

…until the focus turned to a tiny spider in the light fixture, which brought on a rousing rendition of “there was an old lady who swallowed a fly”.

Dinner and dessert cleared away, the table became a staging ground for trains, trucks and helicopters.

…with that moment when a child discovers the magic of same-pole magnets.

…followed by a little calming post-dinner/pre-bed story time by the fire with Gramma.

“Moana” was the movie of choice with a bed picnic of popcorn and Christmas milk (AKA egg nog)

Impromptu  bedtime stories continued well after the lights went out.  

The light of the full moon shining through the window made for some very interesting versions of the Three Little Pigs and in the silence I could hear the whispered voice of a three-year old counting sheep up to one-hundred.  

We all slept with the angels tonight.

Morning came early with more trains and trucks guided by camp lights…because turning on the room lights would be boring.

Another successful meal.  Breakfast of Gramma’s waffles with yogurt and maple syrup dipping sauce.

Followed by more stories from Papa while we waited for Momma and Dad to return.

When it’s all over there’s always a wee touch of sadness…

…but it’s now time to re-set, crank up the tunes and get back to work on our next project.

You know by now that you can always count on us to have much more to come for sure.  

Thanks for stopping by.

For those reading this in a language other than English, please forgive the automatic translation.