Typically the Montreal Boat Show is heavily weighted for the power boat world
with very few sailing exhibits
but we were interested to see R.E.D.’s stepsister.
the TATTOO 26
and because the Tattoo has the same hull and layout as our lady
we were very pleased to learn that there is now a vendor in the area
should we need parts for future modifications.
That covers the ‘Tattoo’ part of this post.
Here in the French world someone who attends a show is either a
Visiteur (fairly self-explanatory)
Exposant (an exhibitor)
Since we had volunteered to ‘man’ the Canadian Power and Sail Squadron booth for a few hours
talking to passers-by about membership and boating courses
we had the status of Exposant.
See where this is going?
So at the end of a very long day
my Captain’s prize comment…
‘I exposed myself at the Salon du Bateau,
today I was an exhibitionist’
I love my exhibitionist!