I suppose you thought you would see us in our new camp site didn’t you? We are in a ‘new’ camping location but not where we had expected to be this week.  Camp grounds, federal, provincial as well as private are still closed because of our current COVID situation.  But that’s OK with us.  We are nothing if not resourceful.  Locality improvement…more privacy…better WiFi coverage…new view…and we haven’t even left home yet.

New Spot

We’ve also kind of moved into the camper….on a semi-permanent basis…until the end of the summer that is.  My daughter who moved into a small apartment after selling their home has been finding it increasingly difficult with the lock-down.  Masking up a couple of wildlings every time they open the apartment door.  Limited places to find recreational activities. Because of the new restrictions they are not allowed to cross municipal boundaries  except for essential services.  They live within Halifax area and we, on the south shore.  School has been cancelled until the fall so home schooling has added to their stress. Small apartment, both parents working from home, two active monkeys…you get the picture.

So F suggested a solution for them.  He reasoned that it’s unlikely friends or family from away will be able to visit in the next couple of months at least, so he’s offered them to stay in RED by the SEA while we get better acquainted with RED II.  And we’re loving the solution.  We have everything we need within our twenty five feet of luxurious camper living and the parents and kids have space to roam.

On a Mission

Every once in a while we create a grandparent adventure or two.  The other day we piled the kids into Papa’s new garden cart and headed down the shore road to meet up with our lobster guy.  The season is coming to a close at the end of the month so we caught him pulling into the dock on one of his last outings for this season before fishing jurisdiction moves to the north shore.

Catch of the Day

It was the kids’ first time getting lobster all live and thrashing about straight off the boat. Squeals of joy, two bags full and we were back in the cart heading up the road to cook us a delicious feast.

Outdoor Toys

This sort of quality outdoor recreation is difficult in an urban setting but here where we live with miles of trails and beaches within walking distance, it’s easy to get out in the fresh sea air and still comply with the rules.

Harvest time

Galley Time

We don’t feel cheated or cramped at all and the feeling of making someone’s life just a little bit easier through these trying times warms our hearts.  Visits from away will come in time when it’s safe to travel but for now we’re the happy happy campers on the south shore of Nova Scotia.

The Sweet Life

Thanks for stopping by for our one sided chat.  We hope you are all well in your part of the world and know that someday all will be back to some form of normal.

Peace and love….