we hauled anchor and headed farther toward NYC
…and past the Manhattan skyline…
We’ve heard and read a lot about the harbour water taxis and ferries.
Well, everything we’ve been told is true.
These are everywhere, crossing this way and that
from all directions
and the wakes they leave are impressive
and as a friend said very ‘bouncy’.


This next image alone made our trip so far
She’s a very elegant lady…
Now if only we could get someone to snap a photo of R.E.D.
sailing in front of Lady Liberty.


Just outside the harbour and under the Verrazano Bridge,
…there is this vast expanse of nothing but ocean.
So tempting to just keep on going.


We did however have a date with John
on Staten Island.
What a great place this is!
I think there may be a tie for first place
with the Friendliest Canadian Boat Club

John got us all settled in..

which was a challenge

for a stern-docked 26 foot boat

on a 20 foot floating finger.

winds and currents notwithstanding…

We have all the low down on the area,

best restaurants – upscale and as-you-are,

and have been offered a ride into the city if we need provisioning,

or instructions on taking the train/ferry.