The difference between involvement and commitment
is like ham and eggs.
The chicken is involved; the pig is committed.”
~ Martina Navratilova ~
We, like the pig, are now committed…
having acquired our
‘season pass’
to R.E.D.’s
Big Little Loop (link to the route) Summer Adventure
from Parks Canada
We took advantage of their ‘early bird’ special to gain the 10% discount.
As Captain says:
‘more money for rum and beer’.
Since we will be sailing into US waters during our trip
we have also acquired our Nexus passes.
It was quite a process with online applications and personal interviews
but it should allow for smoother sailing (pun very much intended) during border crossing.
because the next adventure
will be to complete the Montreal/Sorel,
Lake Champlain,
Hudson River/New York City route
in 2015
(in preparation for the year-long adventure of America’s Great Loop)
…summer 2015…