This will go down in our blogging journal  as a very disappointing sailing season for R.E.D. and her crew.

Oh my!

I just re-read that and it sounds so negative. Let me clarify.  Yes, we’ve enjoyed some phenomenol days out on the water in our new cruising ground.  We absolutely and without regret love our new water home.  Adding to that, we have found a land home that will soon become our RED by the SEA.  But in the last five years we have lived aboard almost six months of what most Canadians call sailing season.  This year will be a huge compromise.  We have obligations to take care of back in Montreal that will consume the better part of the rest of the season.  So R.E.D. is being put to bed much much earlier than usual.  As disappointing as this is with a full two months left for most sailors here, we have to focus on the priorities…take care of business….whatever you want to call it….see the bigger picture.

Gramma Beach

One last visit to the Gramma Beach

One Last Sail

Out for one last tour of the bay, all documented in our boat log and date stamped with photos.

The Bigger Picture

One last sail past our little RED by the SEA location.

Peggy’s Cove Light House

One last view of Peggy of the Cove.

Open Waters

One last look at the open waters of the Atlantic before heading back in to begin the haul-out preps.

Sad Little R.E.D.

It took us a couple of days to rebalance…removing sails and lines and repacking from vehicle, from my daughter’s basement, back to the boat trying to make sure there was a minimal amount of work to do to winterize once we return.

All the Lines

Our place here at Shining Waters Marine has offered so many advantages. Secure home for us on the water, great facilities and close proximity to everything we need and immediate entry into the best sailing Eastern Canada has to offer. One side benefit is that it’s a popular location for events and weddings and on one of our last nights onboard we were treated to music from a very talented fiddler, the sounds of which would have made Stéphane Grappelli sit up and take notice.  As the evening wore on the fiddler turned to tunes straight out of a good old down east kitchen party.  We found ourselves tapping our toes while sipping our evening scotch tucked away in our cosy cabin.  Then the partiers’ evening finished just after sunset to a rousing fireworks display.  Thanks for letting us enjoy your celebrations whoever you are.

Evening Entertainment

This is where R.E.D. will reside on land until our return.

View from the Back of the Boat

And just so we don’t miss our Eastern home too much, this will be our welcome home each morning as a little reminder while away.

Crazy for Coffee

Post Script: french translation is automated and not always perfect. Sorry!