Sounds like the title of a romance novel…

(an idea that I may pack away for future thought)


Not too far from reality though…




We have been really busy as ‘dirt people’ so far this fall.

I guess this is what happens when you don’t have nine-to-five lives.

It’s all good though as time passes quickly

(we are already on the down-slide of November)




Francois woke this morning and said:

‘I was just thinking about the boat’…

(while I had already been awake for a couple of hours

catching up on my favourite sailing blogs and

researching next summer’s adventure)




…maybe it’s that darn anchor on our coffee table
(yes, it is actually our boat anchor)
…that constant reminder of where we would rather be…





or those daily visits to the depths of our condo cave
where R.E.D.’s heart sustains a healthy beat.

…even a recent shopping trip spurred a conversation about R.E.D.
Captain asked: ‘Do you think this would fit under our cabin table?’
(actually it probably would but what else would have to be sacrificed?)
Jean-Luc, if you are reading this:
Don’t we already have the reputation of having a ‘cave à vin’ onboard?

So I suggested it may be time to pay R.E.D. a visit

just to make sure she’s still OK.





Onboard November picnic?

It’s not that out of the ordinary.

Doesn’t everybody do this?