SUMMER 2015 – the Process

SUMMER 2015 – the Process

As with any personal blog it’s good to document the PROCESS

for future reference and for those of you following

who might find the information useful….

So for this summer’s little adventure,

this is what we have done so far:

We already have the basic required boating qualifications and permits:

1. VHF (ROC-M): Radio Operator’s Certificate

(through Industry Canada, required by law to operate a marine radio,

course provided by Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons)

2. PCOC (Pleasure Craft Operator’s Card)

(through Transport Canada, provided by Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons)

…required by law to operate any motorized water vessel.

3. Nexus/Global Card

Not entirely necessary for our trip

but it really makes border crossing and checking-in easier..

I repeat REALLY!!!

$50 CND for 5 years

…now, what we needed to add to the repertoire…

4. Marine Radio Operator’s License (application through Industry Canada)

$36 CND annual

…as it was explained to me, imagine the automobile analogy…

you need the permit to drive the car (i.e. operate the VHF radio)


you also need to have the vehicle licensed (i.e. VHF radio)

when you are a Canadian vessel travelling in US waters.

5. Parks Canada Lock Permits

(the 6 day permit should suffice for us this season $120 CND)

6. New York State Recreational Vessel Pass

…for the New York Canal System $75 USD for the season

and covers the cost of ALL the locks in the system!!!

7. Non-Resident New York Fishing License

$50 for the season

(he/she who has the pole must have the license)

We have already contacted and recieved New York Canal Corporation’s

Cruising Guide complete with the main guide and a multitude of information for the NY Canal system.

(all of this for a mere $20)

8. Membership to AGLCA

(America’s Great Loop Cruiser’s Association)

$59 USD for 1 year

(discounts for multiple year payment)

…with the flag to prove it!

So many benefits to belong to the organization,

least of which is the great information gained from the membership forum.

9. Our Map

seen at the end of each blog post

documenting where we have been (2013 and 2014 almost complete)

and where we will be going

with information and additions contributed by blog followers.

We have also made some boat modifications

that we would have done anyway regardless of the upcoming trip

but as we gently add little changes aboard we get to judge just how beneficial they are

and how much they add to our quality of life.

(you can check the ‘older post‘ at the end of each blog post to see what we have done)

So aside from finding a great ‘away-from-Canada’ data and phone package (still TBD)

…and Galley Kat putting her provisioning act together.

(although I have be amassing some great summer recipes to share)

…and of course getting the boat in the water.

…oh, and probably the most important part…

being ‘on deck’ for my daughter’s 90.5% baked grandson’s appearance next month.

…we’re almost ready!



Leaving the ‘Welcoming Club’ was a little sad…
last day of our first ‘Loop’ adventure.
We had a relatively early start
…a short wait at the last lock at Sainte-Anne de Bellevue…
…37.75 feet clearance…
and we need 37 feet…
…not a lot of wiggle room…
…we made it without incident…
Today is Bastille Day
the French National Day…
…and we came storming into our harbour as though we were storming the Bastille…
5.2 knots at our maximum,
genoa only, close hauled.
…a fitting way to close the Little Loop…
407 nautical miles…
54 locks…
30 spectacular days…
Happy Fête Nationale
to all our French readers


Trying to slow the passage of time…
We could have made it back to our boat home today,
but we weren’t quite ready to close the loop.
Using the excuse of wind and storm warning,
we decided to spend one more day at the ‘Welcoming Club’.
and my daughter decided to spend some time with us
on her way to and from work obligations…
(a very good reason to stay)
…we dined…
…oysters with lemon and hot sauce…
…grilled shrimp (not nearly as good as yesterday but almost),
grains with wild mushrooms and Capresse salad…
…fresh fruit and yogurt…
we caught up,
we drank some wine,
we enjoyed
we said goodbye (for now)
…we caught one more night of the (almost) full moon…