Hi all.  Several months ago we were asked to submit an article for the Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons Spring 2016 edition of The Port Hole.  The piece entitled “Reflections on a Simpler Life”, highlights our adventure aboard R.E.D. last summer.

We are proud to finally be able to share it with you in its entirety in both French and English as it appeared in the April 2016 edition of Canadian Yachting and L’Escale

We hope you enjoy.










avril 2016








Two days ago we were in Amsterdam

…today Rome…

…we recently ‘flew’ by Frankfurt.


my oh my,

how do we jet-setters do it!?


We feel very exotic throwing these names around,

but we are still on R.E.D.

still on the Mohawk River,

still on the Erie Canal,


still in the state of New York.

Through locks #19 & #20

and 23 nautical miles covered.

Another scorching hot day (34 ° C) and not a breath of wind.
The mirror effect of these upcoming bridges was really disorienting,
like a scene from the movie Inception…
…a dream within a dream within a dream…
I could hardly tell which way was up.
…this is the same image flipped 180 ° …
This fellow, or madame (possibly female because of the pale plumage),
allowed us to get very close.
Signed the blog waiver for photo permission,
but wouldn’t give his/her name.


Can anyone tell us what kind of bird this is?



The heat tonight is so intense

and we are hoping for the promised thunder storm

to cool us.

A tiny black cloud passed by earlier,

we removed the cockpit canvas,

donned our bathing suits

and for the first time since we were kids,

danced in the rain.



CHAMPLAIN CANAL: Beginning to End

CHAMPLAIN CANAL: Beginning to End

The Champlain Canal begins at the southern most tip of Lake Champlain
at Whitehall (Lock 12)
and continues southward to Lock 1 at the
Waterford junction of the Hudson River.
It was decided in the early construction of the system
that Lock 10 was not needed,
so 11 locks in total.
At Whitehall Marina we stopped for the night.
This was also the first reporting station after Rouses Point.
When asking for the nearest location for groceries,
the Bait and Tackle guy insisted he take us where ever we wanted to go.
”I have to pick up dinner anyway” he said,
”sort of killing two birds with one stone”.
He dropped us off at a deli,
returned a few minutes later,
then drove us around the village to show us some local history.
Super friendly place.
We were their evening entertainment as we un-stepped the mast,
and wrapped and strapped for the next stage of our journey….
Whitehall is the birthplace of the American Navy.
Pictured below is Skene Manor
(Colonel Phillip Skene, played a part in the Saratoga Campaign,
American Revolutionary War )
The beginning of the Champlain Canal at Lock 12, Whitehall.
We are now officially going downstream,
meaning red buoys to port…
Many low bridges to duck under…
….beautiful wildlife…
… many beautiful scenes along the way…
….locks that guided us past many water falls and dams…
…a lot of barge activity on the river…
…and a river ‘guillotine’
that was no doubt meant to control water level…
…mirror-still water…


…could this be our future boathouse?…
Day two, we docked for free at Fort Edward.
Showers, and electricity provided…
Just a short distance was the Shamrock Wine and Spirits,
where we replenished our wine supply
and purchased a bottle of Bootlegger Vodka,
from the NY-based Prohibition Distillery,
that was promised to provide the smoothest martini ever…
Our second night on the canal was spent at the public dock
of Mechanicville.
…again free dockage, free electricity, water and super clean washrooms.
and….get this…showers with light therapy and water massage.

The final lock on the Canal was at Troy, NY…

…different from the usual lines

was a pipe or cable that we lashed our mid-ship line to secure…

…And finally on day three,
free docking at Troy Town Dock…

Tomorrow we will be able to step our mast,

make our lady all pretty again

and sail away to