Two days ago we were in Amsterdam

…today Rome…

…we recently ‘flew’ by Frankfurt.


my oh my,

how do we jet-setters do it!?


We feel very exotic throwing these names around,

but we are still on R.E.D.

still on the Mohawk River,

still on the Erie Canal,


still in the state of New York.

Through locks #19 & #20

and 23 nautical miles covered.

Another scorching hot day (34 ° C) and not a breath of wind.
The mirror effect of these upcoming bridges was really disorienting,
like a scene from the movie Inception…
…a dream within a dream within a dream…
I could hardly tell which way was up.
…this is the same image flipped 180 ° …
This fellow, or madame (possibly female because of the pale plumage),
allowed us to get very close.
Signed the blog waiver for photo permission,
but wouldn’t give his/her name.


Can anyone tell us what kind of bird this is?



The heat tonight is so intense

and we are hoping for the promised thunder storm

to cool us.

A tiny black cloud passed by earlier,

we removed the cockpit canvas,

donned our bathing suits

and for the first time since we were kids,

danced in the rain.