…and for those silly peeps who guessed Granby Zoo…NO!

This is our chance to experience
“‘the happiest country on the planet”
…beautiful, exotic
Costa Rica!
A more fitting destination there never was for this Happy Couple!
Our plane tickets have been booked.
The adventure in the days ahead will no doubt unfold
but for now we can only guess at what lies ahead…

Our contact with the company that has been arranging all of this
has asked for just a couple things:
passport info to book our tickets
and that we pack bathing suit and water sandals but that we do not pack our camera.
(“curiouser and curiouser” , cried Alice)
A little over two weeks ago we were asked to submit a few ideas from our
ever-growing ‘bucket list’ and that we be prepared to depart at a moment’s notice…
It had to involve an adventurous activity, in a location that wasn’t too too far or too difficult to reach…
We threw around a few ideas
and came up with a short list
keeping in mind our love of travel and adventure,
anything Indianna Jones or Bond
and our wish to be somewhere warm.
Nerves of excitement fill our little condo as we pack our bags.
Our adventure will be filmed = oh my nerves!
I will have to overcome my fear of heights (and there will be heights to overcome) = double the nerves!!
and probably the part that scares me the most…
I will have to ‘parler seulement en français’ = my nerves are off the charts!!!
…more to come.