Now that I have perfected my basic

Risotto on a Boat

and since I have some shrimp in the cooler

and a beautiful bouquet of basil begging to be used…

(a little boat alliteration)

…and to give the barbecue(er) a break.

…and since this rainy thunder stormy day has cooled things off

I can afford to heat up the cabin a bit…


(refer back to my Risotto on a Boat)

for quatities and method for a one burner stove)

For this recipe it doesn’t really matter whether you make the risotto first and set aside

or sauté the shrimp first.

I sautéed the shrimp first then set aside in my foil ‘warming oven’.

This way I have just two pots to wash instead of three.

Saute 10 – 15 large shrimp in oil until just barely pink.

Remove from pan and chop into 1″ pieces.

Place the shrimp in a small bowl

add 1/3 cup Pastis or Pernod

toss and set aside.

Next take 2-3 small pieces of preserved lemon and chop

(about 1/4 cup total will do)

I encourage those of you who have not tried preserved lemon to do so.

I make mine (see link) with salt

and a friend makes his with olive oil.

Both ways are worth the little effort.

Toss the lemon with the shrimp.

Instead of deglazing the onion and garlic in white wine (of which I have none)

I drained the Pastis from the shrimp and deglazed with that.

When the risotto is almost done, add the shrimp pieces and lemon

and stir until serving temperature is reached.

Top with 5 or 6 leaves of fresh basil torn or slivered.

…the subtle flavour of the Pastis with the basil and lemon was intoxicating.