As if being on a boat on a stormy night

wasn’t challenge enough!




François had been getting up at intervals to do an anchor check.

He came back to bed saying there were several police cars

on the shore with spot lights trained on us.



So we waited knowing that very soon

there would be a water vessel approaching.

Sure enough about 30 minutes later

we were boarded again for the second time within two days.


We were anchored too close to the George Washington Bridge…

(in our defense our charts, both paper and electronic showed acceptable anchorage)


“Can’t we just wait until morning?”

I asked


“No, this is making people nervous”

he replied


As we were handing over our passports and Cruising License, I said

“You do realize that this man served with you guys

in Iraq and Afghanistan


“Thank you for your service

was his response.


So in the middle of pelting rain, thunder and lightning

(and the only lightning rod on the water…

except for the bridge)

we hauled anchors and



And now,

as we sit in the cabin,

safely anchored again,

far, far away (we hope)

from posing any threat,

we stripped off our wet clothes,

poured a rum

and waited for day break.






Post Script

I mean this in the humourous vein it was intended.

We are all about rules and security

and we do realize this could have been seen as a security threat.

The officer was sympathetic and very polite.

He did not ask about our pretty boat.

For that we can forgive him.

As he pulled away he wished us a good time in New York.