We really need to start focusing on our course studies – Fundamentals of Weather

but with such a great wind day,

how could we not go for one more sail?…


…no better way though to study weather first hand than on the water
(look at all those beautiful cumulus clouds)


…water temperature 15 ° C
…air temperature 9 ° C
…winds 15 knots gusting to 25 SW


…when we were heading out
there were two other club boats on their way out too.
But they turned back part way into our bay.
…partly furled genoa and reefed main.


…out in the middle of the lake the water was much more ‘calm’


…but back in our little bay the ride was frisky and the water almost black.



Back at the dock we devoured some leftover ‘cold’ pizza…


and the last of our port with a splash of rum…
(I guess that made it/us double fortified)

Not our usual Galley Kat fare but oh was it ever good!




…now home to hit the books.




…there remains exactly 14 days until haulout

so that means the possibility of 14 more days to study weather first hand….

Getting really good at sailing forecasting aren’t I?