Well!  If the kids can have their spring break than so can we…even if it was just an over-nighter.  An offer to join friends at a cabin right on the ocean’s edge was far too good to decline. There’s still the dreaded virus among us but our friends are part of our consistent ten-person bubble and we felt good supporting a local sea-side resort.

Seaside Paradise 2021

We have so many treasures to explore  near by and this one was no exception.  Last time we had visitors from away, what now seems like a life-time ago, we drove here for a bite, a sip of wine and a tour of a local sculpture garden.  Even on the edge of winter it was spectacular.

Sculpture Garden 2019

We lounged in the ‘bunny’ chairs and soaked up the warm sunshine for a brief while  then walked the expanse of white sandy beach.

#greatday 2019

This time we stayed in a seaside cottage and at night I opened the bedroom window and the soothing sounds of waves lulled us to sleep.

Room with a View 2021

And of course the bunnies were ever present following us and begging for treats.

Easter Bunny 2021

A warm  afternoon sunset and chilled bubbly on the balcony of our cabin with our friends was the perfect way to welcome spring.

Cheers 2021

Thanks for stopping by. We have our first camping expedition coming in a few weeks so check back with us to see how we transition from time away on the water to time away by the water.  How hard could it be?

Peace and love….