It shouldn’t surprise us that by now anything our boat dealer installed
potentially will at some point have a problem…
After more than a year, the list is still growing:
1.It started with the through-hull depth sounder with no caulking
that produced a whopping 3″ of water in the cabin our first night on board.
(that’s right not the bilge, in the cabin)
2.Then there was the ‘brand new’ gas tank that leaked.
3. And the Raymarine chartplotter that had been installed with the bezel upside down.
(it stopped working altogether after 3 outings)
4. The VHF radio had to be returned to the manufacturer for replacement
5. The sail we asked to have the UV strip added for the furling system came with a tag on it that read,
‘Remove black strip and add Black Cherry’.
Imagine, they sent us someone else’s sail.
Plus the top 4″ of the sail strip had no stitching.
Needless to say we returned it
6. And get this…the furler on the main had been installed upside down
7.The forward hatch cover arm was installed with no caulking and was leaking.
(actually anything that they had installed had little or no caulking,
so I won’t bore you with the list)
8.When we removed the batteries for the winter last year,
we found those really heavy suckers were placed on top of the 110 v wire….YIKES!
9. Toward the end of our Little Loop voyage we started to have trouble with the
Dometic CF-50 cooler. On our return we found they had reversed the wires on the charging unit,
wire to main battery had been installed on the auxilliary and vise versa
(even though both the schematic AND the wires themselves clearly showed which was which)
Captain Francois is now pouring through manuals and online information
to try to remedy this next issue..
R.E.D. has proven to be a great little ‘chalet on the water’…
…we remain positive…


…our clouds continue to be silver-lined.
Thanks for letting us vent.