It’s surprising how quickly we got used to having our Raymarine E7D

and how emotionally lost we were when it stopped working…

In the meantime we used our seamanship skills

with the help of our iPad

…I know – yet another electronic crutch,

but that’s just the way we are.

(at the advice of a boat friend,

we downloaded a great app for the iPad from

Navionics that works very well.

He uses iNavx,

but since we have the Navionics card in our GPS

we went with that option.

Now we have another back-up plan

should one of our many ‘tools’ fails us again)

…thankfully our security blanket is back onboard
when it was installed ‘someone’
put the front bezel on 180 ° backward.
Great boat but not big fans of the ‘someone’ who installed all the extras…
(more on our ever-growing list in a later post)

….the Captain is happy…