My Captain described this as the best summer of his life.

I have to agree.

We learned so much in this our first year of owning a boat…

first year sailing together…

I have learned a lot about myself

and I think Francois has as well.

Our communication as a couple has improved 1000%.

Inspite of our French/English language differences and past individual boating experiences

we have managed to sustain a healthy relationship balance bringing us even closer together.

A very good friend described us as her ‘happy couple’.

She says that sadly she doesn’t know that many.

We have taken risks – albeit calculated ones – and emerged on the far side of storms

with a new respect for the elements – winds, tides, currents.

With every little accomplishment we realize just how much we have yet to learn.

There will be many more years ahead, more adventures, more places explored,

more to learn…

This video slideshow will serve to document what we have experienced.

We will be able to look back and remember when our memories aren’t crisp.

We will watch this time and time again, smile and say

‘Wasn’t that a great summer!’