I’ve noticed that we boaters use a number of words

with a negative connotation this time of year.

End of boating season

…It’s so cold.

…It’s going to be a long winter.

Time to make some lemonade out of all those lemons…

It’s not the end of boating season, it’s the beginning of the count-down to spring.

It’s not cold, it’s exhilarating!

and my favourite…

Winter has now been replaced with pre-spring.

Today was the beginning of our count-down to spring
on this exhilarating 4 ° C windy day.
Bring on pre-spring,
we’re ready!

…the last of the last.

…waiting our turn.

…François and his happy dance…too cute!
…Thanks Marcel for taking her out safely.
…Thanks Étienne for making sure
she has the perfect spot for the winter pre-spring.
…and so very perfect it is…
…Last out…first in.
Couldn’t be more perfect!