“If you do not know your enemy nor yourself  you will be imperilled in every single battle”  Sun Tzu, loosley translated from the Art of War.

Preparing for this year’s adventure we knew we had to equip R.E.D. much  more agressively than in our previous three years.

The three priorities for 2016:

  • To address our electrical deficiencies so we could spend more time autonomously at anchor cutting back on expensive marine and docking charges. Enter solar panels (progress here) and generator (here)
  • More time at anchor meant we needed to add a dinghy to our equipment to be able to get ashore when needed. Enter Little R.E.D. (story here)
  • Changing our water plan this year will mean venturing into potentially more challenging weather conditions, ie fog. Enter the focus of this post. Radar.



Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Me!

Flowers and candy will never impress me as much as a brand new radar for my birthday.  I am truly loved!


Digital Raydome

Digital Raydome

Now on to designing how and where to mount this giant talking head…