Now that all our monkeys are lined up to make this property purchase work (insurance, inspections, legal beagle stuff and financing) we headed out today farther afield.  Winds were light and fog banks surrounded us.

Fog Bank on the Shore

The day remained cloudy and cool and those banks persisted but our way on the bay was clear.

Fog Bank out to Sea

We’re still in awe of the magnitude of our immediate sailing ground.  On the charts, what seems to be close is really very far away.

Clouds to the West

Our goal was to search out what RED by the SEA actually looks like from the water, about half way down the west coast of St Margaret’s Bay.

Broad Reach

Prevailing winds on the bay are such that we can beat out to the ocean then head back to our marina on broad reach or  with leisurely winds at our back. After about four hours of light sailing we reached our shore, a comfortable quarter nautical mile off shore but with water depth of 160′ we could easily have approached.

Our Future Neighbourhood

Just down our little sea side road there is a public beach, a lobster pound and a five-minute drive to our fave farmers’ market, pharmacy, doctor and dentist.

RED by the SEA

There she is in all her rustic glory. Our little RED by the SEA with her sea side beach.  Yes, I know there will be a bit of pruning to keep the view but it”s a beginning.  A beginning we are so exicted to embrace.