Limited space and concern for power usage are the big factors on a boat
when it comes to refrigeration.
Some boaters use only camping coolers with blocks of ice.
Some use actual refrigerators with freezers.
We split the difference and have a little of both…
Just 1.7 cubic feet capacity but it serves our needs,
works like a dream and isn’t the usual energy hog.
There is another model – DZ50 dual zone – part refrigerator, part freezer
but do we really need a supply of Haugen Daz?
Polar Bear 24-pack
we usually put either a block of ice
(even when the ice has melted, the water doesn’t leak through the cooler)
or a jug of water that we have frozen at home or at the club
before leaving and it really does keep things cold for 2-3 days.
We use it mainly for drinks – beer, wine, juice, bottled water.
A word about egg refrigeration and limited space…
…Coleman Egg Holder
François has often told me that as long as I rotate the eggs each day,
they don’t need to be refrigerated.
My reaction – euuww!
But I read a recent post from the Boat Galley that confirmed it can be done.
I marked one side of the container with Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
and the flip side with Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.
This way whichever day was up was the current day – a good reminder that it had been flipped.
Because I still didn’t believe it could be done, as an experiment,
I placed just 4 eggs in the container and rotated it each day for a week.
Now, if the egg had gone ‘off’ I would know as soon as I cracked it.
and to my surprise when I went to make breakfast after 7 days
the eggs didn’t jump out of the shell or the pan
and our omelette tasted just like all my other omelettes – delicious.
I have seen the light!
Now we have gained an extra 4″x6″x2″ in our cooler.
This item sort of fits with the topic of refrigeration and space
…Coghlan Egg Holders
I found them at Mountain Equipment Coop
but have seen them at for you online shoppers
I use 2 to keep boiled eggs which I do refrigerate.
If I keep food in little packages,
I can stash them here and there amongst other larger containers.
Now, time to go turn my eggs…