Over the past year I have read several boat-related books
provisioning, galley meals, one-pot cooking,
even about camping and RV life…
…my favourite galley book…
I also have the Kindle version of The Boat Galley Cookbook
It’s filled with lots of useful tips and recipes.
I’ve also perused countless blogs for ideas – too many to list
Some really appealed to me…
(the simplicity of grilled veggies and BBQ, moonlight cocktails with delectable appetizers)
Some not so much…
(all you need is a good can opener)
The reality of our limitations onboard
(teeny galley, limited space)
has forced me to dial down my dining expectations quite a bit
putting me somewhere between gourmet feasts and the can opener.
Some say it isn’t important to have a provisioning meal plan.
Some say it’s essential…
the latter appealing to my Kat sensibilities.
I could make a meal plan from here to infinity and beyond – no problem.
I find so many yummy looking recipes and want to try them all,
right now!
As with the previous post on Finding the Limiting Factor,
I have tried to distill what is necessary,
what is possible,
what is practical.
So here’s my plan of attack:
Determine number of days onboard
Make the menu plan
(Kat’s Rule of Thumb: number of days + 20% contingency
(weather, navigation, just plain having more fun than expected can increase time away)
Make list of ingredients
Shop for necessities
Chop, grind & cook as much as possible at home base
Package in portions
Things to be frozen in freezer at least 2 days in advance of departure
Just a few days left before our next adventure…
I think I need a bigger spreadsheet…