Something we had planned for the beginning of boating season this year was to have a proper launch and christening ceremony.
We had prepared our guest list, purchased the champagne (Bollinger – very double-O),
the red champagne flutes, the red plates, the red cocktail napkins.
Planned the perfect R.E.D. – worthy hors d’oeuvres menu
Created the speach to be given by her Captain to ensure R.E.D.’s safe transition from land to water.
Francois even brought home his ceremonial sword to ‘sabre’ the champagne.
But because of our less than auspicious beginning,
first launch…
second launch…
we decided that the mood just wasn’t right for such a celebration.
We did, however, keep one tradition that will
guard our lady (and ourselves) from harm – symbolically at least..

A silver coin placed under the mast,

a practice of sailors for thousands of year, to ensure safe passage and good luck.

It took us a while to find one with the right meaning for us…

…from the Royal Canadian Mint

…a silver dollar with image of a chrysanthemum and ruby centre…


Silver has been seen as the metal of the moon, with some believing it has power over the emotions, mind, love and healing.
It is also believed that silver can help shield negativity by reflecting light from both the moon and sun, and ward off evil.


In eastern cultures the chrysanthemum symbolizes good luck, clarity, life of ease.

In ancient times the ruby was considered a talisman of passion, protection and prosperity.
So, at the closing of our first summer
we raise our glass to you R.E.D.
(we have raised many this season and will raise many more)
The moods of the sea are many, from tranquil to violent. We ask that this ship be given the strength to carry on. The keel is strong and she keeps out the pressures of the sea.”