This is definitely not our favourite time of year
but coming back to our club to finalize our end-of-season ritual
we see a certain beauty on the water
that wasn’t there a few weeks ago….
… the water is mirror-still
and has taken on a steely grey colour…


…most of the docks have already been removed…
…even the club fire pit is gone…
Only the basic of basic items are left onboard R.E.D.
The galley sink, head, anchor well and engine well
have all been sluiced through with pink antifreeze.
The engine prop has been removed and shaft greased.
What remains is bringing R.E.D.’s 2 hearts home
so that they can be checked
then hooked to the intelligent charger until spring.
…our PVC tubing skeleton is numbered
and marked port, starboard and centre
making assembly easy…

…all wrapped and trussed up like a Thanksgiving turkey…

…the tarp allows easy access for off-season visits…


…perfect for our winter cockpit picnics.