A visit to R.E.D. for a little more boat work
and the club grounds are starting to look more like Spring.
We are encouraged…
…barbecues are ready for some action…


…and picnic tables ready for the crowds…
I don’t think we are too unlike most boaters
who by the time winter coats are no longer needed,
are impatient for the season to begin.
We moan about the cold that seems to hang in the air far too long.
We get so excited about one day of warm weather
and think that this is the way it will be from now until next fall.
We tend to forget that the transition from spring to summer is a slow
and gentle process, a constant tug of give and take.
I looked back at our season last year
and was surprised at how different it was then…
(if you click the links below you can see for yourself)
…around this same time last year there was still ice on the lake
and the water levels were much higher.
…and by mid-May this is what we faced.

…now, at least for the moment, the grounds are dry,
and in the next few weeks these docks will be back in the water…
…and we’ll be there, ready,
just a few feet out,
back on dock 64.