For various reasons – some of them our decision (work schedules, social commitments, 2 course exams), some out of our control (cold weather, soggy boat yard) – we have postponed picking up our lady.
Every time we make a change though, it affects so many things – hotel reservations yet again changed for the third time, bank appointment to have funds released for final payment changed again, insurance broker notified again, boat club notified again, temporary parking for the boat once we arrive back in Montreal.
As much as we would like to have the boat here yesterday, we feel we have made the best decision to postpone a bit. Pressure is off trying to squeeze everything in around everything else.

So to ease the ‘pain’ of waiting, a little medication wouldn’t hurt….
The Painkiller
…served in our very own Tortola, BVI mugs…
I first had this in Jost Van Dyke, BVI. at the Soggy Dollar Bar…
Bar keep wouldn’t share his recipe.
But it’s not too difficult finding a good reproduction of this rather potent drink online.
The following comes pretty close to what I remember…
1 part orange juice
1 part coconut milk (most recipes call for cream of coconut but I find it far too sweet)
4 parts pineapple juice
*4 parts Dark Rum (or whatever, I used dark spiced)
freshly grated nutmeg


Combine the first four ingredients.
Pour over crushed ice.
Sprinkle with freshly grated nutmeg
*Traditionally this is made with Pusser’s Rum in varying proportions of 2, 3, or 4 parts rum. When you bring your boat up to a dock on whatever island in the BVI, a very friendly islander comes running up to help you tie up and offers a bottle of rum as a welcome gift
…some other tasty ways to enjoy rum
…so many interesting recipes in this iBook to choose from…
the Pusser’s Cheese Cake looks deadly…
Great job on this book guys!…