There are certain things a sailor has to address
after almost two months away from home base.
…that the adventure…for now, at least,
is over…
So this is what we did …
We headed home to land base,
retrieved the pile of mail that had accumulated,
took a glorious shower,
laundered our clothes…
…then headed back to the boat.
It’s the natural thing to do.
Storm/rain forecast for the next several days.
François doubled our living accomodations
by installing the full canvas enclosure…
Before leaving home base,
our neighbour gifted us with produce from her community garden…
(Galley Kat is VERY thankful)
…dinner prepared,
wine poured…
The rain actually was very much welcomed
as R.E.D.’s belly is almost literally resting
on a bed of lily pads…
…and who would complain
to be warm,
and safe
sitting in the cockpit
enjoying a fine scotch
and a movie
while the storm flashes all around…