I decided to post this update because sometimes I think we are missing connection with a few of you who aren’t subscribers to social media. Not everyone is a Facebooker or Instagrammer you know,  so here is a slice of our day today directly from us to you.

We’re falling into a sort of routine much different from our lives in Montreal.  We actually wake up early in the morning now.  We actually get out of bed before the crack of noon and because of this new schedule we’re actually finding  that three meals a day is a necessity.  Before it was coffee, coffee, coffee, brunch and supper.  

Another addition to our routine is Friday Pizza.  This weekend with my son Luke visiting, I let him choose what type.  Hawaiian with fresh pineapple, maple ham and slathered with tequilla habanero sauce.  It was really good in spite of what the ‘no-fruit-on-pizza’ folks might think.

An addition to our routine is a daily walk.  Today we walked to our community mail box then back to the beach to throw rocks..

…and seagull gaze because the seals, usually in the bay gazing at us,were off somewhere hunting for fish.

This habit of Luke’s that I don’t quite understand, the water splashing ritual.  Next time I’ll have to remember to bring a towel.

Back home, since it was another spectacular day, Francois spent it outdoors chopping, cutting, and pruning his little empire.

Luke and I (mostly Luke) assembled another three shelves to help organize our wee home.

Then in his super helper mode he switched hats to help Francois clear some of the vegetation. Please don’t think we put all our guests to work.  This was completely voluntary.  

In spite the fact that RED by the SEA is sitting on just under an acre of land there are an amazing number of enchanting little niches we’re only now discovering. What we thought was just a brook running along the side of the property actually includes a pond complete with cat tails and lily pads.  The over growth hid it so well until Francois noticed four ducks in it the other day.

What a great place for pollywog hunting and maybe we could add some fish next year and a little bridge.  Oh the possibilities!

There’s a natural stone path leading down to a tiny waterfall just past the pond where the brook continues on down through the trees to the ocean.  It’s all so very magical like the makings of childhood fantacies of places where wood elves live under mossy rocks and gnomes wander the forest creating mischief.

We also discovered in plain sight what seems to be either a magnolia or dogwood tree.  I’ll have to work on my plant identifying skills.

…at least one cherry tree, several apple trees and a flowering quince. 

…and there also appears to be a four-legged critter who visits from time to time.  

So there you have it. Our day today.  It was quite a day, a day full of fresh air, fun, movement…so much movement…and discovery.  We’ll all sleep well tonight.