Annual General Meeting

for the Canadian Power and Sail Squadron (CPS)

This year as members of Montreal Squadron

and as its Training Officers

we were fortunate to be able to attend.

It’s a super opportunity to meet other squadron members

attend meetings,

and do some socializing in charming Quebec City.

Francois and I split our efforts

covering a day of meetings

gathering so much really useful information.

Now it’s time to turn back the clock to the time when

Quebec was a colony.

It took me 5 minutes to get dressed…
Monsieur on the other hand took considerably longer…

…so many very creative costumes of the Nouvelle France era.

…new friends from northern Ontario.

…delicious decadent desserts,
not to mention a superb dinner.
…first prize?…really?
…the prize.
…a demonstration of the minuet.

…François, Governor of New France and Katherine Antoinette…
picture courtesy of Walter Evans.