…but the first brunch-on-the-balcony sort of fits into the boating-season-mentality-process…
Our balcony seasonal preparation has been designed to be ‘easy up – easy out’.
Gone in 60 seconds…low maintenance.
Low maintenance for François (if nothing else)  means no plants. Each year we have down-sized in the plant department which for me (the herb/flower/living things loving person that I am) has been a painful process.
Last year we added some new touches with our future sailing life in mind. But I was able to inject some living things – my little herb garden and flowers.
This year the ‘ADMIRAL’ is going to have to be really creative to meet the ‘CAPTAIN’S’ criteria for our new ‘lock the door and sail away’ lifestyle.
Stay tuned to see just how creative this woman can be…
As a ‘post script’: Have to share my new-found crêpes recipe. Could definitely do this on the boat. 
Super easy!
adapted from Barefoot in the Kitchen
It consists of 4 eggs whipped up with 4 oz cream cheese until smooth. That’s it. They taste and (better yet) look like authentic French crêpes & bonus for our Gluten-challenged readers – gluten-free!
I filled them with some fresh pineapple and strawberries and topped with them whipped cream to which I added a bit of vanilla extract, ground cardamon for flavouring and a splash of Agave syrup for sweetness.
served with Mimosas and a slice of orange…but of course
….less than one week to go until R.E.D. comes to town…