That first coffee in the morning is very important to both of us

…waking up onboard,

climbing into the cockpit to smell that cool early morning air

a cup of freshly brewed coffee in our hand



We have a Keurig Mini ready to come aboard but it does require electricity – although very briefly.

Purchased it because I hate having to clean up coffee grounds with limited space and water supply.

Plus it’s just two quick mindless steps before the caffeine molecules fire up the brain cells –

water in, press button.


But I found the perfect plan B

for the times when we are away from dock power

under way or at anchor

and want to conserve power…

Aero Press


…using our favourite Kenyan coffee, espresso grind,

once the water boils – one minute hands on time

espresso or Americano

gives a very impressive result.

Zero electricity consumed.



…still have to clean up the grounds…

…oh well – nothing’s perfect…

…but that first cup was darn close