Our day today…beautiful, fresh, sunny with not a lot of wind but we headed out on the water anyway to explore.

Shut In Island

Now that we’ve seen RED by the SEA from the sea (western shore of the Bay), we thought it would be fun to explore the eastern shore of St Margaret’s Bay.

Last Buoy

This buoy is the last on the Bay before heading out to sea.  R.E.D. has never dipped her nose this far and it was really exciting to feel the long gentle swells under her belly.

Peggy’s Cove

And this is a view we’ve never seen.  Peggy’s Cove from the water.

Peggy’s Cove

On the return we caught sight of a fin cutting through the water….


It looked like a shark fin…

But as we got closer for a better look…

It was a huge gelatinous blog of something or other…

…at least six feet in length, it surfaced then dipped below the surface, then surfaced again.

Francois found this video that explains what this mysterious ugly creature really was.  An ocean sunfish.  The name sunfish makes me think of something small and cute but this fella was neither.

While we were being charmed by sea creatures including jelly fish and a seal, the fog quickly set in.  Within minutes the shore on both sides disappeared and we were engulfed.

Fog on the Bay

Thankful for radar and GPS we reached our marina safely.

Five minutes later at the dock, this was our view. From grey to blue without any indication that the fog ever existed.  Loving this ever-changing weather world we live in.