Even when R.E.D. was brand new right off the production line four years ago the mast light sometimes worked, sometimes not.  For so many legitimate reasons, when something goes wrong we tend to blame it on dealer issues but this time it turned out to be a factory issue.


Frail Connections

No wonder the light worked poorly.  When disconnecting it fell apart in Francois’ hands.



Corrosion is a fact of life especially when exposed to salt water environments but this was a good lesson to routinely check connections, although this was not a water-tight connection and subject to infiltration.


New Piece

Fortunately this was an easy and inexpensive repair


Easy Fix

All installed, super sealed with butyl tape and ready to test.  Did Francois connect positive with positve and negative with negative?


Mast Up

Yes! Connection made and now our mast light works consistently.


Mast Down

Safely capped when we unstep the mast.

An $18 piece, a bit of butyl tape to seal equals a whole lot of piece of mind.