I know I said we weren’t going to undertake any modifications this year aside from adding some new lines (dagger board, genoa furler and topping lift lines and new rudder lines).

Rudder Lines

There has been one thing though, what I can only describe as an irritation…not high prioity…and certainly an easy and cheap fix.  The galley sink and motor well evacuation lines. They formed a T-junction at the stern thru hull and many times the sink grey water would back up into the well.  So that has now been addressed.

A new thru hull placed next to the original thru hull.  It’s always a little scary drilling a hole in your boat below waterline.

New Thru Hull

Baby’s butt was really thick.  Burned through two battery charges.

One Inch of Fibre Glass

Two feet of sanitary line tubing to form a dedicated evacuation of the motor well and another 14 feet that now runs from the original thru hull to accomodate the sink evacuation.

Dedicated Motor Well Tubing

Sink Evacuation Line

Logically, I would have been the better choice size wise wedged back there under the cockpit to place the fittings but figuratively speaking…I won’t go there.  I choose my battles wisely.  I did however wiggle back there to help feed the rudders lines through because we are that kind of team.

Installing Inside Tubing

For the price of tubing, a new thru hull, 8 new clamps, and a tube of 5200 and two coffees this little bug is now fixed.

The Gear

 Should I mention the not-so-pretty calking job?  Maybe not.  Captain Overkill might be offended.  But in his defense, ain’t nothin’ gonna get through that sucker!

3M 5200

Now that my galley storage is free and clear I can start bringing things back onboard.

Galley Storage Area

Our baby has her two coats of polish inside and out, the next step is some anti-fouling touch up, rigging and bringing some gear back onboard. I’ll be back soon once we head out for our summer 2017 Adventure.