Today a friend dropped by
and offered to take us to the supermarket for some much needed supplies
then a quick stop to her boat club farther up the lake.
Provisions all stashed away,
the three of us headed out to the ‘sandbanks’
a small area of Lake Saint-Louis where the water is shallow
and the bottom soft sand.
…on days such as this with negligible winds,
this is where boats come to anchor…


…some of them real characters…
…some to join other boat friends…


…we swam, we cleaned the boat hull, we dined…


…then we took R.E.D. to Baie d’UrfĂ© Yacht Club
I have to say that of all the clubs we have visited,
this one gets the R.E.D. prize for the most friendly and welcoming.
Greeted by the harbour master,
visited by the bosun,
someone even stopped by to ask if we needed a supply of dry ice.
We were invited to join the club members on the balcony,
dined on our friend’s delicious shrimp tapas,
grilled some trout filets
and enjoyed the club’s salads…
(my mouth is watering just thinking of those shrimp)



…we closed our evening sipping a scotch in our cockpit…


…watching the rise of the full moon…