Close to one month now…
Another great day of sailing even though the winds were light
we made excellent time because of those prevailing winds at our back…
…a few more BFB’s to stear clear of…

…you know when provisions are getting low
when lunch is a peanut and jam sandwich,
half a granola bar
and a glass of wine…
Do we care?
No, not in the least.
It was delicious!
What made this day extra special was what we encountered at the end.
A course mate of ours has been keeping up to date with our blog
and contacted us, inviting us to stop for visit.
GPS coordinates logged into our chart plotter
we reached this dock by early afternoon…

With some help we secured R.E.D. for the night.
The rest of our day was pure pleasure.
Welcoming and generous hosts,
fabulous food,
a superb evening spent getting to know each other,
sharing travel and boat adventures.
Francois and I wish you both fair winds on your next adventure.
(Azores to the Algarve – so very jealous but in a good way)
We look forward to our next encounter….
Remember the squirrel – live in the moment….