So far on this little journey of ours
we have yet to stay in one location for more than 24 hours.
Today will be the day to change that…
Due to a combination of weather issues:
1. wind advisory (up to 40 knots with 2 metre waves),
2. heavy rain (reduced visibility with fog rolling in later today),
3. between where we are now and our next secure stop,
there will are no safe anchorages,
narrow channel and the BFB’s – Big Fluvial Boats –
(I cleaned up Francois’ description for you)
A trusted friend’s words still come back to me (and probably always will)
after our heavy weather experience last year
(40 knot winds at our back,
2-3 metre west-bound waves,
combined with 5 knot east-bound currents and incoming tide:
‘In hind sight, should you have gone out that day?’
Today, the answer will be ‘no‘.
We will spend one more day on Block House Island.
Never ones to just sit around we used the time to clean
outside (the rain made that job easier for the Captain)
…all shiny…
and a much-needed inside cleaning for the Galley Kat
(Captain outside made that job easier for me).
Another walk around town took us to
fresh local seasonal ingredients,
a real treasure recommended by a friend..
…deeelicious sangria,
bruschetta with local artisan chèvre and
crab cakes
served up by the very charming chef and owner
Marc Hardy.
And for Major Pig (retired) it was time for a cleanup of his own…
(in case you are interested in this little guy’s background
you can read all about his adventures by following this link)
…a soak in the tub…


…followed by a fresh rinse…


…air-dry only for this pig…
…hangin’ with the fruit and supervising dinner prep…
…and what better way to end the evening – watching R.E.D. – the movie.
…my ‘just because’ pic of the day…
(so sorry Major Pig)