Fabulous winds – again beam reach.
Used the genoa only…
…sailed past lots of tiny islands with tiny houses…
…all dressed up for Canada Day
We hadn’t far to go but sailed all the way to
the pretty town of Gananoque.
Heavy wind warnings and the now habitual thunderstorm warning
that has yet to materialize.
(we hope that eventually it will happen when we are tucked safely somewhere)
Secured a place at the Gananoque Marina
(very inexpensive and really nice facilities,
friendly accommodating staff with a great sense of humour)…
Once all tied up, we did our usual reconnaissance,
then walked over to the town square for the Rib Fest.
…we chose Crabby’s –
longest line but the most awards for the best sauce & ribs.
We were hungry and it was good,
washed down with a couple of frosty beers.
…this is my ‘just because’ photo of the day…
(I was given a very lengthy and serious explanation of their hot dogs,
what was on them,
and a demonstration of the handy drink holders)
…sampled some beer at the Gananoque Brewery
(and yes we got ‘Naughty in Gan’
…with Naughty Otter Lager that is)
Heavy afternoon winds died down to almost nothing by early evening
and our thunderstorm was again a disappointing ‘no show’.
Finished our evening enjoying the Canada Day fireworks,
in our cockpit,
in our pyjamas,
enjoying a fine glass of scotch…