We’re going to be away from our home base this summer
a minimum of 1 month so I have to address the issue of washing our clothes.
The thought of spending our time at a laundromat,
even for an hour or two holds absolutely no appeal.
I have searched out lots of options of washing ‘machines’ for boaters
or even RV’ers, but all,
regardless of how well they are rated take up too much space.
I even considered what amounted to a large salad spinner…
still too much space.
Our galley sink is no more than 9″ x 9″.
Our boat bucket isn’t much bigger.
Then I stumbled on the
The more I read about it, the more I liked the idea.
Suits our criteria of small foot print
and I love the story of it’s development and the creator’s intent to give back.
If you search You Tube you can also see
demonstrations of Scrubba being used in some creative places.
My favourite is ‘laundry on a train’.
So here is our boat washing ‘machine’ in action…
…in there are 4 pair of socks, 2 t-shirts and 4 pair of the Captains’ ‘delicates’…

…the next time you see this
our laundry will be strung along the life lines
but you get the idea…
It worked very well!