On the bucket list of the Acrophobic Kat?

…to zipline over the rain forest canopy in Costa Rica!


And today was the day to prove to myself, François and all the crew

that I could do it.


…rigging up with the harness before we climbed to the first platform.


…would they hate me if I backed out now?


…so not sure that I can do it!


…I jumped and screamed until my throat was sore…


…but I DID IT!!!!!!!!!
…and lived to tell the tale!


…followed by our ever-present camera guy.


…and I did it again and again and again and again.
So very proud of me!


…sound guy preparing for François’ arrival.






…he makes it look SO easy!


…just when I thought my fear of heights was behind me,


they put me on a metal grid platform above the canopy.


…#6 with all the crew and the phenomenal view.



…this is what they called the ‘hero shot’…
Francois’ smooth run with the 75 metre Arenal Falls in the background.


…after six zips this suspension bridge was a piece of cake.


…check out the stats on this one!

…almost one kilometre long and you can’t apply any break
or you don’t make it to the end.
Imagine getting stuck out in the middle of that?


…the longest run.


…my very supportive sound guy bud.


…the A Team.


…photographer photographing the photographer.


…our awesome zip guides – Ulise and Luis.


…can’t figure out how Francois ended with so little mud.


while I’m one tough-looking mudder!!!
Definitely not my prettiest moment
but for sure my proudest.


(I told you I would do it dear daughter,

I’m one tough mother!)


Post Script

There are other pictures I will share in my next post.

Because of our agreement with the production team

that we could take pictures with our beautiful new camera

but we were not allowed to see them until filming was complete

in order to maximize the surprise effect.