What a month this has been! A mixed bag indeed!

It’s been easy (maybe too easy) to combine a lot of activites into each day, making for a rather busy life. 

St. Margaret’s Bay

We continue to explore our sailing ground as much as we can.  Since there are SO many projects in the works it’s good to know we are just a five minute drive away from R.E.D., although there are times when I really miss living in her twenty-six feet with her teeny tiny galley, and manual pump sink and no head room for Francois, lying in bed at night with the forward hatch open, looking at the stars, and that first cup of coffee  sitting on the misty moisty cockpit watching the sunrise,


A Wildling Day

Visitors from near and far, big, small and in between have come and gone making the last thirty-one days fly by at warp speed.

Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo

We’ve breakfasted, caféed, dined out, enjoyed special concerts and events with new friends and old.

The Girls

Duck pond continues to be the place for new feathered families – we’ve counted three rafts of ducklings so far.  And these three girls, who join each day for breakfast, seemed to have adopted us as well.

Garden Bling

Our weekly market day is always fun where we can find unique treasures from local artisans like this bit of garden bling now hanging in one of our apple trees.  And while I’m on the subject of trees, we’ve discovered at least three other apples trees, a cherry, pear, and quince tree as well.

Market Treasures

Fresh produce too from our market visits.  It makes me feel good knowing we’re supporting local businesses.  Recently I added a fisherman from the other end of the province to my list of suppliers.  He just delivered ten pounds of fresh haddock.  Do you know how much ten pounds is?  I sure didn’t! We’ll be eating fish for a while…but it is so fresh and so good!

Faery Lights

Other than a whole lot of gardening, we haven’t done a lot to change the look of RED by the Sea…just some patio lights to pretty her up after dark…

That Door

…and how about this red door?  Still two more entry doors to paint but I love the splash of colour every time we come home.

New Decor

For our guest visits we did some sprucing up of our master bedroom adding some framed photos and new linens.

Peggys Cove

Little proud moment here…when we went to pick up the photo prints for the bedroom, Atlantic Photo had chosen this one as their ‘photo of the day’ including a beautiful enlargement. Yay!…but honestly, it’s really hard to mess up a picture of the beautiful picturesque Peggy’s Cove.

Be Our Guest

I have to say the highlight of the month was our Happy Hour….a sort of house warming.  One neighbour we met has contact with most of the surrounding folks so I enlisted her help to pass the word.  And did she ever pass the word.  I had a call from a neighbour earlier in the day offering her driveway for parking.  I mentioned that I had no idea if anyone was coming and she said “oh, their coming all right!”

…and come they did!  Some we had already met.  Some we had crossed paths with on walks.  Some we had never seen before wandering up our little grassy lane way.

Happy Hour turned into very happy hours, eating, drinking, swapping stories, warming our little RED by the Sea like never before and making us feel so very welcome.


…all three of us.

Now you’re all caught up.  Must go. We have another project in the works.  Be back soon with more news from the crew of R.E.D.